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Business Line of Credit or Working Capital Loans

Due to the state of the economy and the tight lending market lenders are more selective than ever when evaluating a business for a line of credit. Working capital is becoming more scarce and difficult to obtain and many business owners are forced to sacrifice their own individual assets and cash to keep their doors open.

At Global Funding Solutions we understand that it is now more critical than ever that your business be properly prepared before we apply for a business line of credit or loan. We offer
secured and unsecured working capital loans and lines of credit which vary according to the qualifications of the principal including his credit, length of time in business, business revenues, and Dun and Bradstreet (D&B) business credit history.

We offer a free introductory telephone consultation
and a customized proposal for your business to enable you to most effectively receive your financing . In addition we are experts in having your business prequalified by making certain the following conditions are ready for loan processing.

A) Dun and Bradstreet Business Profile

Lenders now check Dun and Bradstreet (D&B) and rely on  information in the report when considering extending credit. At Global Funding Solutions we are experts in D&B Report
preparation and are ready to prepare your report from scratch or update your current report to conform to lender requirements.

B) Credit of the Principal( s)

Lenders are now more strict than ever in evaluation of the principal of the business and his credit history. If you have shaky credit do not expect to be considered for a business line of credit. Our detailed credit analysis on the principal and our ability to provide you with insight on repair and credit FICO score improvement is a valuable asset before we apply for financing for your business.

C) Our relationship with lenders

Why waste time going to your local bank, talking with a loan
officer who has little if any knowledge of your business and bank underwriting requirements. Our exclusive analysis of your business type, qualifications, and needs along with our long term relationships and knowledge of hundreds of lender's line of credit requirements allows you the flexibility and ability to obtain a better financing program more quickly that is suited to your
business needs and qualifications.

D) Business consultants and financing experts

At Global Funding Solutions we do not just push paper and submit applications. Every client and individual business needs and long term business and financial planning are incorporated into our recommendations for financing. Our expert staff has over 50 years of financing and business experience and offers only customized solutions for your business line of credit and other financing options available which separates us from the loan processors and dignified telemarketers who simply take a loan application from you.

E) Corporation or LLC formation

In connection with business restructuring which may be needed
if the principal's personal credit is fair or poor a guarantor with strong personal credit may be required for your business in order to obtain a business line of credit or loan. At Global Funding Solutions we are experienced in formation of corporations and LLC 's in all fiftystates.

This enables your business to successfully obtain financing via a qualified loan guarantor when we successfully restructure your business. Other advantages to you are asset protection,
limited liability, and building credit under a corporation or LLC while we rebuild the personal credit of the original principal.

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