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1.    The Building Business Credit Myth  
We see a lot of “fly by night” companies often with only an 800 number and no address advertising on how to get large amounts of loans up into the millions of dollars with no personal guarantee once you buy their so called “credit builder” program.   These scam artists are painting a rosy picture with little chance of success.  Don’t fall for this garbage – it takes time to build a strong business credit history to qualify for hundreds of thousands of dollars in loans.   Due to the economy and increasingly large number of defaults on loans and credit lines by corporations the lenders now require a personal guarantor with strong credit history and assets to ensure payment back to the lender in event of a default.  In addition under the US Patriot Act which is a result of “post 9-11” legislation lenders now check Dun and Bradstreet (D&B) profiles on the business corporation, LLC or sole proprietor as part of the required verification compliance required by the federal government. 

We highly recommend that through our expertise and experience that we we create a customized Dun and Bradstreet Information Report (D&B) on your business and the Principal('s) rather than these "cookie cutter" credit building programs which are being advertised at cut rates!  This is a lot more detailed than just getting a DUNS number and listing your company.  Perhaps your already have a D&B report but it contains incorrect financial information  on your business such as delinquencies, tax liens, judgments, unpaid UCC filings or incorrectly verified information.   We are experts in disputing these items through the correct channels and avoiding the bureaucratic red tape that you will most likely encounter with D&B representatives while keeping your business off the D&B "high risk" and fraud classifications.  Once the lender sees inaccurate or damaging information on your business regardless that it may be incorrect your application and funding will be tainted or permanently damaged!  Some things just have to done right the first time!  Funding is NOT an endless amount of chances and is not a "trial and error" process.

At Global Funding Solutions we are not making outrageous funding promises but we rely on strong business credit building and expert advice which has been proven effective over time.   For more information go to under the section “lender requirements and  Dun and Bradstreet” in the menu selection and spend ten minutes reading.   Just remember that if a broker promises outrageous amounts of funding in a short time which sounds just too good to be true then it probably isn’t!  Call us at 310-461-1919 from 9AM-5PM  Pacific for a free no – obligation consultation  to your individual situation.

2.    Funding Guarantees/Upfront Fees Are A Scam
Due to the state of the economy, desperate business owners trying to keep “their heads above water” and scam artists ready to capitalize on this we see so called loan consulting firms popping up making outrageous guarantees of funding once an upfront fee is paid by the borrower or business entity.  First of all under the law it is illegal for any broker or consultant procuring loans to guarantee a loan, interest rate, payment terms or amount of funding…….period!  Only the actual bank or lender or financial institution funding the loan has the authority to do this and the fact of the matter is none of them will do so until they obtain the necessary information and/or application on the borrower or business entity seeking the loan or credit line.  Often these unwary borrowers who fall for this scam never see their upfront payment back, let alone receive their financing and good luck finding these people who stole their money as they are probably either out of business or have changed their 800 number, address and company name so they can do it all over again!  At Global Funding Solutions and educated consumer is our best client.  We never charge an upfront fee for a loan.  We do offer business credit building and consulting for a fee as well as corporation and LLC formation in connection with financing which is a necessary service for business development and asset protection. 

These fees may be credited towards our loan fees upon your receipt of funding with our company thereby drastically reducing your costs or providing you with 100% credit for oue expert consulting on Dun and Bradstreet Business Credit Reports, corporation and LLC formation and related business structuring of officers and loan guarantors for your financing requestFor more information on our services call us at 310-461-1919 between 9AM – 5PM Pacific time Monday through Friday  for a free initial consultation on your business and loan requirements.

3.    Government Grants are a Scam
If you’ve been watching late night TV lately and are desperate for some business funding that doesn’t have to be paid back then you’re probably waiting for and expecting a government grant.  You have probably seen these “pitch men”, authors and scam artists pitching these grants that never have to be paid back for various programs offered that allegedly cater to a large number of businesses.   Good luck because you have a long wait and the chances of it actually happening are almost zero!  First of all if you are like most business owners you probably do not fall into the categories that qualify for a grant such as research and development for energy conservation,  ecological  preservation, solar energy, and other environmental  research designed to benefit society and our planet.     So if you have  a dress shop or want to start a restaurant for example then your chances of getting a government grant are about the same or worse as buying a five million dollar home with no money down and selling it the next week for ten million dollars!  Get the picture…………it isn’t a viable form of funding.  Now if you can deal with reality of the world and are ready to stop dreaming then come to Global Funding Solutions in Beverly Hills, California for an honest evaluation and possible solution  of your business financing needs.   We can be reached daily from 9AM – 5PM Pacific time at 310-461-1919 or check us out at and respond online.

4.     Secured and Unsecured Business Loans
In today’s desperate world  for economically challenged business  owner's we see a  lot of unscrupulous brokers and scam artists offering unsecured financing claiming that the business oDonwner’s personal assets are not at risk because the funding is “unsecured”.  First of all aside from this misleading information, most lenders will not even consider funding a business entity for any substantial amounts of funding over $50,000 without an asset check on the business, a Dun and Bradstreet (D&B) check and assets and credit on the business owner and principal of the corporation or LLC verified.   Hence, the lender will most likely insist on a personal guarantee of payment on the principal of the business if it is a corporation or LLC in event of a default by the business entity.  If  the corporation or LLC defaults on the loan even if no security was required to approve and fund the loan the guarantor’s assets will be at risk if the lender files a lawsuit and wins a judgment against the guarantor and/or business entity.    Once a judgment is obtained in favor of the lender it is free to place a lien on any home or real estate owned by the guarantor and report this judgment on the guarantor’s personal credit bureaus.   In addition the lender upon receiving the judgment can subpoena  the guarantor into court for an “order for examination under oath”  to verify assets on the guarantor and seize items of value such as jewelry, bank accounts, automobiles,  real estate and other personal property of the guarantor to pay the judgment!  So what this all means in reality is that if you are a loan guarantor don’t think that by accepting an unsecured loan for your corporation or LLC that your personal assets are not at risk.  Obviously if you are a sole proprietor matters are even worse as you are one and the same as the business entity.  The lenders are not stupid and in the vast majority of cases will not loan money to a corporation or LLC without a personal guarantor and verification of assets first.   They also have in house fraud investigators and collection agencies that are experts in using the legal system to recover monies due.  If any of this hits home then call Global Financial Services in Beverly Hills, CA at 310-461-1919 between 9AM -5PM Pacific time  to discuss this confidential matter.   Feel free to access our website at for information on our corporation formation, Dun and Bradstreet, asset protection strategies, and loan services.  We look forward to providing you with expert information and consulting that has proven effective in today’s “real world” of financing.

5.    What Lenders Hate
You’ve probably noticed that lenders and financial institutions are getting more and more picky about which types of businesses that they are willing to loan money to.   This is due in part to the US Patriot Act which came into effect after  “9-11” to stop terrorism, money laundering  and transactions that the banks look at as suspicious.  Also, if you are in any of the following businesses the chances are that finding a lender willing to deal with you is going to be challenging at least:  businesses that loan money or deal with check cashing, lottery winnings,  sex related, internet based businesses with little assets,  wholesalers,  import/export companies, and home based businesses and “Mom and Pop” sole proprietors.   These types of businesses tend to appear the least stable and take on a  “shady” realm in the eyes of the lenders.   At Global Funding Solutions we are aware of these and other businesses having problems in today’s world of lending.  Often the name of your business can be a red flag and if you are a sole proprietor your risk of getting a loan approval is less than if you are a corporation or LLC with a professional office.   Yes, appearance does count so don’t think that by cutting corners on an office and saving money by working out of home is going to get it done. 

At Global Funding Solutions we offer custom office services nationwide in your area designed to meet all lender and Dun and Bradstreet requirements under the US Patriot Act to enable you to achieve your financing objectives as well as enhance the efficiency of your business and enhance the appearance of your business so that you're in the best possible position for financing before we start the application processBuilding credit under a corporation rather than using your own credit and lowering your credit scores in the process due to the history of the loan appearing on your personal reports is another fact not well known to most business owners.  Aside from enhancing your business having a professional office and a corporation will in the long run  save your business money by increasing your revenues, providing your business with a professional image and reputation, asset protection under the corporate “veil’, tax write offs, and separation of your personal and business assets.  If you are a business serious about building a strong  business credit profile independent from your personal credit under a corporation or LLC then consult the experts at Global Funding Solutions for complete consulting and preparation of your corporation or LLC documents, filing and creation of a comprehensive Dun and Bradstreet Business Credit Profile on your new business entity.  If you are already a corporation or LLC we highly recommend that we prepare your Dun and Bradstreet Business File and/or dispute any inaccurate payment history with them on your behalf to raise your PAYDEX score to excellent before we apply for financing.  At Global Funding Solutions we specialize in “one-on-one” consulting during the complete loan process.    In today’s tight economy we have seen an increasing number of brokers that are really nothing more than “dignified telemarketers” claiming they can refer you to lenders and obtain financing for your business for the small flat fee of $399.   These companies cater mostly to naïve individuals looking to “cut corners” in the loan process.  They neglect the analytical skills, business credit and business structuring required in the vast majority of businesses applying for financing that have less than strong credit and/or no business credit history.   Do not be misled by these “scam artists” promising outrageous sums of money in the hundreds of thousands of dollars for your business by you buying their online e-book or purchasing a “business credit online course”.   This is about the same thing as you going to your doctor when you are sick and he gives you a medical book to read so you can “self –diagnose” your illness!   Do you really want to place your financial future in the hands of these people – Go with the experts at Global Funding Solutions in Beverly Hills, California with over 50 years combined experience.   Cal l for a free no obligation consultation for your individual business needs at 310-461-1919 between 9AM – 5PM Pacific time.

6.     Loan Guarantors
Due to the tight lending market many business owners have resorted to financing their business through credit cards.  Often during the startup phase when sales are slow these business owners have borrowed excessive amounts of money on these personal cards which have resulted in them “maxing out” their personal credit resulting in lower credit scores.  The result of this is it now makes it even more difficult for the business owner to obtain financing as the personal credit of the business owners will almost certainly be checked by the lender.   One of the primary grounds for a lender rejection is excessive debt on revolving credit card debt.  Do not be fooled or mislead by scam artists claiming that they have lenders that will loan substantial amounts of money in the hundreds of thousands of dollars with no personal credit check!  The fact of the matter is it doesn’t happen and lenders are now checking business and personal credit on the corporation, entity and principal owner(‘s) or shareholder to comply with the US Patriot Act.  Under this act lenders are now required to verify information on the principal and business entity such as personal credit of the principal, Dun and Bradstreet Business credit, length of time in business and assets on the principal and entity.   Getting back to the personal credit of the principal with challenged credit history often the solution is a qualified loan guarantor with excellent credit and assets who will become the new majority shareholder of the corporation or managing member of the LLC.   This is not a “co-signer” but the guarantor must be involved in some activity in the business to make him a worthy and qualified guarantor.  The original principal relinquishes control of the business until it is funded without any credit checks on him.  As officers can be added or deleted at any time in a corporation subject to a vote of the board of directors it is possible for the original principal to resume 100% shareholder status after funding.   Obviously, this arrangement has to be with a party that the principal and loan guarantor are in agreement to determine funding success and the future of the business. 

The Global Funding Solutions Solution
At Global Funding Solutions we are equipped to provide sophisticated corporate structuring to meet the requirements of the lenders while placing the business in a viable and legal status for the loan process.  We highly recommend that we prepare your complete Dun and Bradstreet Business Credit Profile as well on your corporation or LLC before we apply for financing.  As you see this process cannot be done for $399 and we deal with only serious business owners looking for serious financing over $50,000 up to one hundred million dollars.  If you are seeking a business credit card or a small loan we are not the right company for you.  We highly recommend that you stop wasting time on “short miracle solutions” for your business growth and prosperity and take the funding process seriously if you intend to receive serious money.  At Global Financial Services “one-on-one” professional consulting is our trademark and formula for success. If you are seeking a “dignified telemarketer” with almost no training or experience who will give you a “cookie cutter” approach for financing then we advise you to look elsewhere. 

For serious inquiries call Global Funding Solutions in Beverly Hills at 310-461-1919 between 9AM -5PM Pacific Time for a free no obligation consultation on your business financing needs.

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